Kvachkov sneaked tactical nukes out of Kazakhstan

Ex-GRU Colonel – who was convicted of planning a coup – once executed cladenstine operation to withdraw tactical nukes from Kazakhstan.
Would like draw your attention to the fact that retired GRU colonel and ultranationalist Vladimir Kvachkov – who was convicted on 02.08.13 of attempting to organize a coup – has earlier commanded a clandestine operation to withdraw some of the Soviet tactical nuclear weapons from the territory of Kazakhstan to Russia after disintegration of USSR.
According to ex-commander of the Soviet Armed Forces’ Turkestan Military District Col. General (Retired) Georgy Kondratyev:
• Commander of the district’s 40th Army Anatoly Ryabtsev – who pledged allegiance to post-Communist Kazakhstan in February 1992 – wanted to prevent withdrawal of dozens of nuclear warheads for tactical missiles from this unit to Russia.
• Kondratyev had to design a special operation, which involved both nuclear weapon specialists and commandos from a GRU brigade located in neighboring Uzbekistan and commander by Kvachkov.
• “Kvachkov was an excellent officer… he was the one who ensured the withdrawal of tactical nuclear weapons from Kazakhstan.” The warheads were shipped from the territory of the 40th army to a railway station and then sent to Russia in March 1992.
I guess we are all fortunate that Kvachkov didn’t develop an urge to overthrow the government in Moscow until many years after he had been tasked with sneaking nuclear warheads for tactical missiles from Kazakhstan to Russia in 1992.