Soviet archives illustrate evolution of Bolsheviks’ position on Armenia

Finally Russian state archives’ new section on Soviet documents has become available.
Did a search on Karabakh – not much in there. A few docs on Armenia. Here is links to some of those dated 1917-1920 to illustrate how Soviet government went from supporting Armenia’s self-determination to planning to reincorporate it while avoiding hostilities with Turkey – as Bolsheviks grew strong enough to try rebuilding the grand empire under a new name
All in Russian though:

  • Stalin’s 1917 op-ed in Pravda, explaining why Soviet government calls for free self-determination of “Turkish” Armenia. http
  • Stalin’s 16.03.1918 orders to Soviets: “Armenian revolutionary organizations have the right to freely form units of volunteers, do not interfere with their deployment – supposed to free their homeland from Turkish-German” aggressors
  • Stalin’s 05.11.1920 cable to Lenin, proposing to stall on signing of Treaty with Armenia to avoid ceding a “strategic area with Moslem population” in what would upset Turks
  • Stalin's 07.11.1920 cable to Lenin on advancement of Turks into Armenia aimed to force Armenia renounce Sevres
  • Stalin’s 20.11.1920 cable to Lenin on Armenia accepting Turkish conditions for stopping hostilities

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