Putin to offer S-300 V to S-PMU

So Kommersant reports that when Putin meets Rowhani in July, the Russian leader will offer to deliver S-300V (defense of troops, caterpillar-driven), which are not as advances as  S-300PMU (defense of individual facilities, wheel-drive) that Russia intended to deliver originally, but then decided to agree to another round of sanctions against Iran by UNSC. Introducing those sanctions UNSCR 1929, referred to UN Registry of Conventional Weapons. That registry is pretty vague on what constitutes ground-to-air missiles that UNSCR 1929 banned from selling to Iran (the registry is so vague on the issue that MFA's spokesman Nesternko lost his job in 2010 because he misinterpreted Medvedev's intention to cancel delivery of S-300 PMU and insisted the latter were not covered by UNSCR 1929)Kommersant claims Russia is doing this to avoid paying penalty for failing to deliver, but I bet increasing talk US/ Western countries of enforcing no fly zone over Syria could have played a role. http://www.kommersant.ru/doc/2218314


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