Suicide bombing in Volgograd.

I think that most likely something has gone wrong in the terrorists' plans. Otherwise, the bomber would not have gotten off the Dagestan-Moscow bus in Volgograd, which, of course, pales to Moscow when it comes to selection of landmarks of national and international scale, and wandered in the city until blowing herself up in a local bus. She would have ridden all the way to Moscow and tried to stage the attack there. So something might have foiled the plans or spooked her or her handlers, forcing her hand. Or the organizers could have planned to hit Volgograd from the very beginning, because it is easier to strike that city than the Russian capital, perhaps, to demonstrate that Sochi is withing their reach: Yandex Map would tell you that a bus would have to cover 640 miles from Makhachkala to Socgi and 530 miles to get from Makhachkala to Volgograd.
I pointed out possibility that the terrorists' hand could have been forced in interview to Wall Street Journal hours after the attack. I also pointed out that one of the secondary goals of such attacks is try instigate ethnic and religious violence in 'mainland Russia' on the heels of the Birelyovo riots. But neither these or other points made it to the article because of wordcount constraints, I guess.
Here is what they ran:
"World News: Bombing In Russia Fuels Fears On Security," Gregory L. White, Paul Sonne, The Wall Street Journal, 22 October 2013.
It is definitely something that will make people think again about whether security in Sochi will be guaranteed," said Simon Saradzhyan, a research fellow at Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. He said the attacker might have targeted a city such as Volgograd because it is closer to the Caucasus and generally has fewer security barriers than Moscow. Close connections between such southern Russian cities and the Caucasus mean would-be attackers might have networks of friends or relatives they can rely on while traveling, he noted.statts


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