Russia’s Number 1’s

Given how badly Russia has been burnt by bad press in the past few weeks, I have decided to try compile a list of things Russia actually excels at, omitting, of course, such Numero Uno's as land mass, energy reserves, etc. Could not produce many positive Number One's, though:

I. Russia’s Global Number 1’s.
Sharpest satellite imaging of the Earth: resolution of 121 megapixels. (LA Times, 2012),
World's biggest gamma telescope under construction in Irkutsk. (Interfax, 2013).
Largest nuclear icebreaker in the world is being built in Russia, (Russia’s Atomflot/Bellona, 2013).
Leader in space launches in 2012: 38% of all space launches worldwide. (Interfax, 2013).
Share of population with college (or higher) degrees: 54% of people aged between 23 and 64. (OECD, 2013). Needs a disclaimer about poor quality of that education.
Time that an average Internet user spends online: Russian user spends a daily average of 6.6 hours online, browsing 1,300 web pages.  (ComScore/Esquire magazine, 2013).
Europe’s largest economy in terms of GDP PPP as of 2012. (World Bank, undated.)
Europe’s largest Internet market: 60 million unique monthly users. (Economist, 2012).
  • Russian language second most popular on Internet. (Rusgov, 2013).
Europe’s largest mobile phone market in Europe: 230 million phones. (Moscow Times, 2012)
Europe’s tallest building: Moscow’s Mercury City Tower of 338.8 m (1,112 ft). (Skyscraper Center, undated).
Europe’s building retail space: Russia is ranked number one in Europe in terms of building retail space. (Cushman & Wakefield, 2013).

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