Western companies’ exposure to Russia

So I looked at EU and US companies – that are in world's top 50 by volume of revenues as well as those reported to have substantial business ($1 bn or more) in Russia – came up with the following estimate of their exposure (involvement) in Russia that helps to explain why businesses lobby against further Westerb sanctions. I surely have missed some, but gives you an idea.

Company Name Assets in Russia Past, present and future sales/profits  in Russia
I. EU Companies
UK’s BP 19.75% of Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft, worth $13 bn and equal 9% of BP’s capitalization. 10% of total profits
UK-Swiss Glencore Xstrata Plans to invest $1 bn in Russian oil sector.
Owns 8.75% in Rusal, which has committed to sell $43 bn of aluminium to Glencore
Germany[1]’s Siemens 3,120 employees in Russia Sales of $2.96 bn in 2013, new orders worth $2.8 bn.
Germany’s E.ON Spent $8 bn on Russian power plants since 2007 – biggest foreign investor in Russian electricity market
Gazprom’s partner in Yuzhno-Russkoye, one of the world's largest gas fields, which feeds into the Nord Stream pipeline
Owns 15.5% of Nord Stream
1.5% of sales and 7.4% EBITDA in 2013
Germany’s Wintershall Owns 15%  in South Stream
Germany’s Metro retailer[2] 22,000 employees in Russia 9% of its total sales
Volkswagen 65,900 cars sold annually
Operates a car production plant
6.8% of global sales
BMW 2% of global sales
Daimler 37,500 cars sold in Russia annually
Co-owns Russia’s largest truck-maker Kamaz with Rostec
Allianz 92 branches and 500 agencies in all Russian regions
Raiffeisen International Bank Gross exposure to Russia is €19.7bn Raiffeisen International Bank’s most profitable market is Russia.
Airbus 270 Airbus planes operated in Russia
Its Astrium branch sells Express satellites to Russia, $275 mn a piece
90 Airbus planes to be delivered in next few years
France’s Auchan retailer Russia’s second largest retailer operates 234 supermarkets,  employs 37,000 More than 10% of global sales
France’s Total S.A. 19.6% of Russia’s largest independent gas producer Novatek, invested $4 bn in this company.
40% in Kharyaga oil field, which accounts for bulk of Total’s Russian production
JV with Lukoil to tap tight oil reserves in Siberia
Russian wells accounted for 1 in every 10 barrels that Total SA produced in 2013.Russia would be the largest contributor to Total’s oil production by 2020.
France’s Alstom 25% +1 share of Russian Transmashholding.
JV with Rushydro.
France’s Société Générale 100% of Rosbank bought for more than $6 bn 5% of total revenue
France’s Chantiers de l'Atlantique $1.66 bn to build 2 warships for Russia[3]
France’s EDF Owns 15%  in South Stream.
France’s Arianespace Relies on Russian-built Soyuz to put satellites into orbit from its spaceport at Kourou;
GDF SUEZ Owns 9% in Nord Stream
Royal Dutch Shell 27.5% stake in Sakhalin-2 project, which accounts for world’s 5% of LNG
100% stake in 3 oil major fields
Owns 27.5% percent of the Sakhalin-2 oil and gas- export
Owns 50% of group of Siberian oilfields known as Salym that pumps 145,000 barrels of oil daily and is operated as JV with Gazprom.
Italy’s ENI JV with Rosneft for exploration of Black Sea
Owns 20%  in South Stream.
Received $2.94 bn from Gazprom for its stake in gas fields in 2014
Italy’s Enel More than 50% stock in  4 power plants
Covers 4% share of the Russian energy demand.
Earned $1.8 bn from sale of gas field in Russia in 2013.
European banks Claims in Russia worth $187 bn
II. US companies
Alcoa 3% of total revenue in 2012
ExxonMobil JV with Rosneft
Operator of Sakhalin-1
Pumps more than 100,000 barrels of oil a day from Russian wells
Russia is Exxon’s largest exploration prospect outside US
6% of  global production
Has drilling rights to 11.4 mn net acres – the company’s biggest single cache of drilling rights outside the U.S.
Chevron Invested $0.8 bn in Caspian Pipeline Consortium.
Schlumberger Completed $345  deal with Eurasia Drilling Company which foresaw a swap of drilling and servicing assets in Russia in 2011
Weatherford oil service company 74% of its international rigs are in Russia
about 5% of its sales coming from Russia
MasterCard MasterCard and Visa together process 90% of payments in Russia 2% of annual revenue
Visa[4] 3-4% of annual revenue
CitiGroup $9.4 bn in loans, etc.
JP Morgan $4.7 bn in loans, etc.
Merrill Lynch $5.2 bn in loans, etc.
Wells Fargo $786 mn in loans, etc
Coca-Cola “1.6% of global volumes” in 2012.
PepsiCo $7.89 bn in "long-lived" assets including property, plants and equipment in Russia alone last year 2nd largest market by revenue after U.S.
$4.91 bn in sales in 2012
7.2% of total revenues in 2012
15% of its global assets
John Deer $1.7 bn in sales in 2013, but less than 5% of annual revenue
Apple 9% share of the overall Russian smartphone market, but accounted for 20% of revenues
Microsoft More than $1 bn in sales, which was 1.4% of global sales in 2010
Google 27.6% of the Russian market
Hewlett-Packard 1,000 employees in Russia
Has been No 1 in PC sales
BRIC countries have accounted for 9% of global sales
General Motors Operates a car production plant 257,583 cars sold in 2013 or 2.65% of global sales
Boeing 100 Boeing planes operated in Russia.
Spent $7 bn since 91, plans to spend $20 bn more by 2021, including $18 bn on Russian titanium for planes.
Operates JV with VSMPO-Avisma Corp titanium-maker, which provides 35% of all titanium Boeing needs.
Plans JV with Rostech.
Runs a design center in Moscow that employs 1,200 engineers.
Buys RD-180 engines for Atlas V rockets through JV with Lockheed Martin
Ford Invested $1.4 bn
Operates a car manufacturing plant
Sold 105,000 cars (3.8% share of Russian market).
5.2% of global sales in 2012
Cargill Invested $900 mn in Russia
Owns stake in deep-sea port in Novorossiysk
General Electric Sales over $1.5 bn
Employs over 3,000
GE’s  Capital Aviation Services aircraft leasing company has 54 airplanes in Russia
(Sources: Western and Russian press, company web sites).

[1] 6,000 German companies have invested an estimated $27 billion into post-Communist Russia Russia
[2] German companies have $27 bn invested in Russia. (FA, 05.06.14). 6,000 German companies involved in trade and investment with Russia and more than 300,000 jobs in Germany are directly linked to this economic relationship.(CFR, 05.05.14).
[4] Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said: “there are around 200 mn Russian card issued by a foreign payment system in this country – more than the population count ” (Bloomberg, 05.20.14).

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