US Diplomats’ Assessment of Poroshenko, According to WikiLeaks

So I have done a random search of DoS cables on Wikileaks on Poroshenko. Note how DoS' assessment changes from “discredited” in 2008-2009 until he was made FM in Fall 2009 (perceptions changed along with the job) . Also note how he was described as Tymoshenko's nemesis in 2006 only then to be described as someone offering posts on her behalf – says a lot about fluid and non-committal nature of Ukrainian politics.

  • February 2006: Makeyenko spouted a common Regions line: Yushchenko had no one else to turn to if he wished to be an effective President. Yushchenko and Tymoshenko's mutual animosity dated back years; Lytvyn had stabbed Yushchenko in the back the past two months; Yushchenko despised the SPDU(o) and the Communists; Our Ukraine's discredited figures like Poroshenko were a net minus; Russia was like a crocodile looking to devour him; Europe was silent as a wall after the departure of Polish President Kwasniewski; Moldova and Georgia were more millstones than friends; the U.S. blew many air kisses but delivered nothing. (
  • April 2006: Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko told Ambassador on April 14 that he had been ordered by the Prosecutor General (PG) to arrest senior Tymoshenko Bloc politicians Oleksandr Turchynov and Andriy Kozhemyakin for illegally destroying Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) files on the January gas deal with Russia and on organized crime figure Seymon Mogilievich. An article speculated that the files may have been destroyed because they contained evidence of illegal wiretapping against Tymoshenko rivals like Petro Poroshenko and/or evidence of shady business deals between Mogilievich and Tymoshenko when she headed United Energy Systems in the mid-late 1990s. Lutsenko characterized the Prosecutor General Medvedko's arrest order as "crazy" and clearly instigated by Tymoshenko nemesis and purported Medvedko patron Petro Poroshenko. (
  • May 2006: Tymoshenko was clearly much better disposed towards Yushchenko in her May 12 comments but saw the hand of archrival Poroshenko everywhere trying to control Yushchenko and attempting to scuttle the orange coalition. (
  • July 2006: Instead OU followed the advice of discredited orange oligarch Petro Poroshenko, who ultimately ran the 2006 show and embodied all of OU's weaknesses….the telling greed in the eyes of OU heavyweights like Poroshenko and Martynenko when offered plum committee chairs showed they were "no longer with the President.” (
  • October 2009:  Some speculated that this may be a move by Yuschenko to discredit the new Foreign Minister, Pyotr Poroshenko, purportedly a current ally of Prime Minister Tymoshenko (despite earlier close ties to Yuschenko), by giving him an impossible deadline on EU Association Agreement. (
  • April 2007: Our Ukraine "oligarch" Poroshenko, who largely controlled OU's leadership in 2005-06 but was pushed aside in late 2006 in favor of Presidential Head Baloha and current party leader Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, who stripped regional OU branches of many Poroshenko allies, expressed grave concern about the current political situation. (
  • December 2009: Poroshenko agreed to the Secretary's offer to send a team to Kyiv to discuss a U.S. proposal to remove Ukraine's highly enriched uranium fresh fuel….Ukraine supports the opening of a U.S. diplomatic presence in Crimea, Poroshenko told the Secretary. He emphasized the importance of Crimea, and said that having U.S. representation there would be useful for Ukraine.(
  • December 2009: Yatsenyuk also claimed that FM Poroshenko had already offered him the Prime Ministership on behalf of Tymoshenko. Yanukovych's camp has also requested his support. He would not confirm whether or not he would accept Tymoshenko's offer. "I want to support Ukraine," he added, "not become a technical candidate for either of them." (
  • October 2010: Calling 2009 a "breakthrough" year for EU-Ukraine relations, Foreign Minister Poroshenko said Ukraine's two main foreign policy goals for 2010 will be to sign the Association Agreement with the EU (which will necessitate the finalization of difficult Free Trade Area negotiations), and to achieve new security guarantees for Ukraine. (



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