Poroshenko’s Peace Plan with my comments in Italics

So, overall, a good realistic plan within what negotiators call Zone of Possible Agreement (Yes, ZOPA), that Kiev, Moscow and West could live with. The only big things missing are (1) Ukraine's commitment to non-bloc status/military-political neutrality codified in constitution; (2) revision or additions to EU-Ukraine deal to ensure Russia's foreign trade doesn't suffer (no re-export of EU goods to Russia and vice versa, etc). Obviously, you cannot put these items into an internal peace plan, but Poroshenko would have to deliver some sort of a compromise on both, as these are the biggest redlines for Russia.q
The Peace Plan Poroshenko Was Due to Present On June 20th:
1) Security guarantees for all participants in negotiations. Implies negotiations with separatists. Grants Russia’s wish.
2) Amnesty for those who lie down arms without having committed grave crimes. Grants Russia’s wish, though not fully.
3) Release of hostages.
4) Creation of a 10 km buffer zone on the Ukrainian-Russian border. Withdrawal of illegal armed groups.
5) Guaranteed corridor for Russian and Ukrainian mercenaries to leave Ukraine. Good step, allowing implacables that fear they may be prosecuted for grave crimes to leave.
6) Disarmament.
7) Creation of units for joint patrolling under the Interior Ministry. Good step, legitimizing separatists’ units, which is what I have been suggesting all along. Joint patrolling is what federal forces and Chechen rebels did in Grozny at the end of the 1st Chechen war.
8) Withdrawal from  illegally seized administrative buildings in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
9) The resumption of the activities of local authorities.
10) Renewal of central TV broadcasting in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.
11) Decentralization of power (through the election of the executive committees, protection of the Russian language – draft amendments to the Constitution). Good step for future of Ukraine. Grants Russia’s wish.
12) Clearing candidacies of governors with representatives of Donbass before their elections (by regional parliaments). Falls short of Russia’s wish for direct elections of governors, but good enough for Russia to live with.
13) Early local and parliamentary elections. Good step overall and for Poroshenko, who cannot appoint most of key ministers and PM without a parliamentary majority of his own.
14) Program to create jobs in the region. That’s what the newly elected presidents promise)


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