Did Washington Convince Kiev To Pursue Negotiated Resolution?

Did Washington help to convince Kiev to give negotiated resolution of the crisis another try? It certainly looks like it is the case if one were to consider the following timeline starting from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Petro Klimkin's visit to DC:

  • July 29: Ukranian FM Klimkin meets Kerry in DC:
  • July 30:Klimkin grants interview to Reuters, in which he
  • said that ultimately only a political solution would end the conflict, in which pro-Russian forces hold a large swathe of territory near the border, including the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk."We will not attack such cities," he said, because it would trigger human losses. The Ukrainian authorities, he said, would regain control of the cities "through the political process, not by attacking those cities".

  • July 31: reps of Ukraine, Russia, separatists and Ukraine meet in Minsk to discuss what Belarusian side interpreted as Poroshenko's proposal for all "interested parties" to try find "negotiated solution" to the crisis.

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