What Else Could Russia Be Accused of Weaponizing?

General Breedlove has become the latest Western policy-maker/shaper to accuse Russia of ‘weaponizing’ something. In his view, it is Syrian refugees that Russia is weaponizing to weaken the European Union. Previously, USSR/Russia had been accused of weaponizing space, but then Peter Pomerantsev and Michael Weiss decided to use that word innovatively and accused Russia of weaponizing information in 2014. There’s been no stopping since then. I have googled what Russia has been accused of weaponizing recently. In addition to the ‘new normal’ accusations of using refugees, information, media as weapons, Russia has also been accused of weaponizing:

  • Own population.
  • Own national trauma.
  • History.
  • Own default.
  • Ukraine’s hypothetical federalism.
  • Global weather.
  • Robotized cockroaches.

I think the only thing Russia has not been yet accused of weaponizing is its cuisine and ballet.



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